A Businessman In Michigan Gifted $4 million To His Employees As Christmas Bonus

We all have heard that the customers are the bloodline of any business, but a businessman also knows how much important it is to have good employees to succeed in business. According to the report, A businessman in Michigan has allocated more than 4 million dollars as a Christmas bonus to its employees. Lee Schoenherr who is a founder of Floracraft company which makes foam products yesterday on the occasion of annual holiday lunch announced that company is going to give $4 million to its employees. Such bonus will be allocated in more than 200 employees, and according to the CEO of the company on an average, the employees of the company will receive $20000 as Christmas bonus, and senior employees will get more than $60000 as Christmas gift.

Top management of the company welcomes this decision of the Lee Schoenherr also they think that the employees of Floracraft deserve such kind of good gesture since many of them have worked so much hard for the company. Schoenherr family owns Floracraft from 68 years, and in order to show to some gratitude, Lee Schoenherr decided to distribute more than 4 million dollars to every class of employee of the company. While announcing such a great news Lee Schoenherr said that “From last few years I had an idea in my mind to show my respect to the employees of our company and giving bonuses to the hard-working employees is my way of saying thank you.”

Many people in business provide the minimal amount of bonuses to those employees who work very hard for companies, but Mr. Lee Schoenherr is not that such kind of employer. Because giving that much amount of money to the employees shows how kind and loyal Mr. Lee Schoenherr is towards the company and its employees.

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