According To A Study There Are 3 Most Loneliest Times Of Life

Sometimes in your life where you will lonely but according to the recent health research which states a person will feel most lonely at three critical ages of life and that’s in their late 20s, mid-50s and late 80s. A group of researchers found that a person might feel lonely at various stages of their life, but according to them, there are three key ages where they will feel most vulnerable. Many people think that mental health or feeling loneliness is not a big issue but when you’re in the late 20s or 80s such kind of situations could make a person severely depressed. There are various reasons why someone will feel most lonely at these stages of their life, but researchers think at such of stages of life a person will most likely go through tough situations hence it makes many people feel lonely.

Researchers believe loneliness is a subjective term and it doesn’t mean that if you’ve got many friends, then you won’t feel lonely. Many people will not feel alone if they think they are happy even without people. Also in this study, it’s been found that there’s an inverse connection in between the loneliness and wisdom. Those people who possess the right amount of wisdom regarding life will not feel that much lonely a compared to others who don’t have such kind of intelligence.

Researchers found six components of wisdom which according to them makes a person healthy and they are – general knowledge about life, emotional management, empathy, insight, acceptance of different values, and decisiveness. A person who has such kind of traits will not feel lonely, and they will enjoy their life at the fullest which makes such type of person more robust as compared to those who don’t have wisdom.

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