Amazon Accidentally Sent Private Alexa Audio Recording To A Random Person

If there’s one thing which every Alexa user will care most about, then it should be the privacy of their data; however, it seems like Amazon is not that much good with keeping their user’s data. Because recently an Amazon customer from Germany accidentally received another person’s Alexa audio recordings. According to the report when that unidentified person asked Amazon for his own data from Amazon, he was sent thousands of Alexa audio recordings of another person in a zip file due to the human error. After reviewing the zip file, he found that there were more than 1700 Alexa audio files which belonged to the other person.

According to the report the man who accidentally received Alexa voice recordings tried to contact Amazon, but he did not receive any response from Amazon’s customer care. According to him the file which received had many audio clips, and there was a private conversation between a man and woman in those audio recordings. The person complained that he was not able to find the man from the audio clips and he tried his best to contact him since he did not receive any help from Amazon care he couldn’t reach to that person.

However, such kind of incidents is not new, because a few months ago a couple from Poland filed the same type of complained in which they said that the Amazon Echo recorded their conversation and sent it to the random person without their consent. Such kind of incidents proves that a person’s private data is not safe and a small human error can lead to more significant problems. However, Amazon’s spokesperson gave a response on behalf of the company and said that the company had resolved that issue by contacting both customers.

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