Our Team

Steven Benham
Steven Benham – Sr. Editor
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Steven is working with us as a Senior Editor for three years. He is devoted to writing news bulletins from Business field like global automobile market, share market, the crude oil market and much more. In free time, he likes to visit new food places. Additionally, he is a popular guest lecturer and is invited by colleges to guide their students in the business field. Gary also likes to arrange charity programs for educating orphan students as a social worker.

John ThomasJohn Thomas – Editor
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John is one of the topmost and professional content writers at the business hours. He focuses on writing about the Health and Science field. He writes about all the breakthroughs, inventions, and findings from the healthcare and science industry. John is a big fan of Shakespeare. Thus, He likes to read books scripted by Shakespeare, whenever she is free. He also publishes her papers citing overall health, new healthcare tools, and gadgets, etc.

Nicholas RyanNicholas Ryan -Author & Contributor
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Nicholas is a tech-savvy man with in-depth knowledge about the trending and current technologies across the world. This makes him one of the best content writer in the field. At the Best Industry Herald, Nicholas bestows up-to-the-minute discoveries, launches, trending gadgets from the area of Technology. Also, He is a blogger, introducing people with new crunches from the international tech world.