Space-x and Blue Origins Launches Postponed due to Technical Issues

Both the companies have postponed the scheduled rocket launches from Space-X and Blue Origins. Both the rival companies planned a rocket launch on December 19 and had delayed the same due to technical issues with the rockets. The blue origins postponed the scheduled launch of their New Shepard Spacecraft from the West Texas launch station due to Ground equipment issues. Also, the Space-X delayed the launch of their Falcon-9 rocket due to sensor issues. The Space-X Falcon-9 Rocket is supposed to launch the new GPS satellite for the U.S. Air Force from Cape Canaveral Space Station.

The Space-X announced reasons behind the Postponing their launch; the company said that the sensor issues forced them to abort the launch as of now. Once the issue is fixed, the company will attempt to launch the rocket and will announce the date soon after setting the sensor problem. Meanwhile, the Blue Origins is hinting at the Friday for their launch date. The Blue Origins rocket is hosting the nine NASA-Sponsored science experiments, which will be deployed in the sub-orbit as the reusable space shepherd capsule is meant for sub-orbital deployment. The Blue Origins announced that they are analyzing the weather in West Texas for the next few days and also monitoring the Ground level infrastructure. The ground equipment issue forced the company to postpone the launch, which is expected to be fixed by Friday.

As the two of these launches are postponed, two of the previously deferred launches are scheduled today. The Arianespace Soyuz rocket which is supposed to launch the CMO-1 Spy Satellite for the French Military will launch from the French Guiana Space Center. Also, the United Launch Alliance Delta IV heavy rocket will launch the NROL-71 Spy Satellite for the U.S. Military from the Vandenberg Air Force base in California.

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